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    Directory and Pay Per Click Search Engine

    Full featured directory and Pay Per Click PPC. MySQL database driven, complete ecommerce solution for making money by allowing the links owners to bid on search terms and their listings positions in the categories and featured locations, Multilingual, Paypal automatic integration, banner system, blazing speed, static or dynamic html pages, online auto installer, unlimited categories levels, real time credit card processing, Stock, Cuurency, Mailing list, and hundreds or features more.

    Auctionawy auction software

    Full featured SQL driven auction software.Multi-lingual, multi-theme, unlimited nested categories, category specific custom fields, Proxy bidding, Dutch, Reserve, and Private Auctions. Full accounting system for users and admin, Invoicing system, HTML template based, Advanced search, Fully automated, Featured auctions, Gallery, media and files uploads, Feedback forum, Announcements system, Fees and Billing systems, Fully integrated banner system, New, Hot, Big ticket , and Going Auctions, Visual html editor, Database management Custom functions, Unlimited mailing lists, Easy setup wizard, Very customizable, Credit card processing, Paypal full automatic integration, Portal News, Stock, Currency, etc, Hundreds of options more.

    Classifiedawy - Classifieds software

    Full featured SQL based Multi-theme, multi-lingual, html template based, category specific custom fields, full user accounting system, real time payment processing, paypal, Invoices, Banner system, announcements, mail lists, unlimited nested categories, location categories, action categories, ads reply system, Favorites, files and media upload, full admin center online, html visual editor online for user and admin, hunderds or more features. Try the live demos online on our site.

    Boardawy - Forum and Bulletin Board System - Free

    Free full featured forum software abd bulletin board system, unlimited nested forums, multi lingual, multi theme, fully SQL driven, banner system, mail lists, multimedia and files upload, advanced search, highly customisable, wusiwyg visual html editor, full accounts system, e-commerce, credit card processing, paypal integration, private messaging, subscriptions, moderators manager, advanced forums permissions, backup, sql and database manager, custom functions, html template based, and hundreds of more features. Try the live demos.

    NetBuilder - Site Builder

    Build and manage your sites with the fastest browser based site builder and content management software ever. NetBuilder is a complete package very easy to use for building your sites online and offline with all the tools you ever need to manage any site of any size.

    Backupawy - Automated Websites and servers backup

    Automate your web sites and servers backup to local computers. Never loose your websites or servers again. Backupawy is a Windows program that can run in the background and automatically backup your web sites or servers or LAN computers to your local computers. Some main features are: Backup unlimited sites and directories trees, Select the directories tree you want to backup only, Easy built in FTP browser to select directories, Full backup or Incremental backup (Sync. only changed files), Auto startup with Windows, Auto dialing and hang up for dial-up or use LAN, Create the same directory structure on local computer, Keep server time stamp on files downloaded, Create zip files or self-extracting executables, Run custom commands files before and after backup, Connect to optional internet addresses before and after backup, Handles Firewalls and Proxy easily, Auto ASCII mode for files download, etc. The free version will never expire but will download only one file per directory.

    Validawy - Email list live validator

    Live validate and clean up emaill lists multi-threaded up to 500 threads, multiple instances can run for validating separat files in parallel, very fast and accurate, Easy to retry invalid and failed address, Validate any size mail list files, Live validation, simulates sending email but ends before completing. Validawy live validate email addresses by simulating sending real email but ends the process before completing. Validawy starts by checking the email address format, then resolves the mail exchange servers (MX) record for the email address, then tries to connect to each MX server until one answers, then sends the "FROM MAIL", then sends "RCPT", then ends the conection before completing the sending email simulation. This is the best way to live validate email address.

    NetPartners - Traffic Builder Software

    A plug and play traffic builder software. Build your own network with other sites without even have to contact anybody or anybody contact you. NetPartners is one software that has the features of links exchange, banners exchange, affiliates and more, all in one new and easy traffic building technology and the best of all is you build the traffic for free without paying anyone for anything.

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